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"I've got the coolest name in the world. If I had a band, I'd name it Brass Knuckle Monkey!"

- Ian at 9 Years Old -

Playing in bands for most of my 50 years, coming up with band names became a family affair. We always have the funny ones, the ones that don't sound like the band or the genres. We even get on board when friends are starting bands and throw out ideas. Naming a band is an art, and it has to be done right. Eleven or so years ago, we were having a family conversation about band names, and we were all throwing around names. Ian came in and said, "I've got the coolest name in the world. If I had a band, I'd name it Brass Knuckle Monkey." We were in tears laughing. 9 year-old Ian ROCKS!

Eleven years later, as this project was getting off the ground, it had to be done... Introducing BRASS KNUCKLE MONKEY!

When the pandemic started, Ian took the quarantine time to go back in his music room and play guitar... tons of guitar!! He would play for up to 9-10 hours a day. I came in from work and heard him rippin' on an Iron Maiden guitar solo. I called him out and told him that I was tired of hearing him jammin' to other bands' music. I gave him a challenge. He had to write a guitar riff for an intro, verse, and chorus in 1 week. Three days later, he called me in to listen to an almost complete song... all guitars, bass and programmed drums. I was floored. He said, "I just don't want to write lyrics." I said, "I'll do that," and we were off to the races. Check out the EP featuring his 1st five songs ever written. Once we release that, a 10 song full-length record is waiting in the wings. Hold on tight... This is some badass METAL!



Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Lead and Background Vocals


Background Vocals, Yelling, Screaming

All songs written by Ian Woodall and Brady Woodall.
© Brass Knuckle Monkey. All rights reserved.

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