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BKM's lastest info and release

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Brass Knuckle Monkey is Ian Woodall and Brady Woodall. This project started as a journey to learn the ins and outs of studio recording and sound engineering for a school project. The quality of these tunes brought BKM from a learning project to a serious metal release with legs to move beyond its simple beginning.


Ian wrote all instrumental parts, and his dad, Brady wrote all of the lyrics. They collaborated with the arrangements, vocal melodies and rhythms.


As a long-time drummer in the Austin music scene, Brady recruited friends, bandmates, business associates, etc, to join in on the fun. Every song was recorded at a different studio, produced and engineered by different folks, and guest musicians we brought in for each song. From legendary musicians to engineers for many national releases, we were fortunate to feature some of the most talented professionals in the business. It was a truly collaborative effort with Ian Woodall at the helm.


The EP features the first five songs ever written by Ian, and the first five full lyrics written by me. It was so much fun to be a part of this musical journey with my kid! I can not be more proud and excited for him. I also want to thank all of the talented producers, engineers, musicians, friends, supporters, etc for helping make this first project of many at BADASS as it is!!! I hope you enjoy. There is more to come!

All songs written by Ian Woodall and Brady Woodall.
© Brass Knuckle Monkey. All rights reserved.


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