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Check Out Our New Single, BLACKOUT!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The second tune written by BKM was something special. The groove, the meaning, and what went into it made this a perfect single from the debut EP

In early 2021, there was an incident. It ended up being minor, but it inspired some deeper meaning. This tune is about addiction, through and through. The character in this song is living on the edge, and one missed step, and it's all over. We don't reveal what the addiction is, but what we know is that the choice is made...

“I have control as I walk down this line. Keeping you within me limits my time. If I put you down, I'll be feelin' the pain. And I know what to do, but I do you again!”

Many of us have friends and family in our lives that struggle with addiction. They may say that they have control of it, but as it beats them down, the control changes sides and they can lose it all. This is all about that perceived balance... walking on the edge of the cliff. You may be able to make it, but where will you step if you BLACKOUT?

We went into the BranBent Studios for this song to work with the amazingly talented producer, songwriter, and musician, Brandon Bentley. Brandon is a true friend and has been a big part of Ian's life for many years. He captured the tracks, helped with some songwriting ideas, provided feedback on other tunes, etc. But, as a gift to Ian, he made arrangements to have the track mixed by Sterling Winfield with Boot Hill Studio. Sterling has produced albums for Pantera, Damage Plan, HELL YEAH!, and many more in this genre. We were excited to add his talent to the final product, and we were amazed with what he did for this song.

Like all tunes on this EP, Ian played rhythm and lead guitars. He also sang all leads and background vocals. Brady Woodall played drums. The special guests on this tune included Duncan Isenhower (Podunk, Chelle Murrey Band, HillBilly Picnic) on the second guitar solo. It was amazing to have Duncan on this track! When we scheduled it, Ian told me, "It's going to be awesome having the guy that inspired me to pick up a guitar play on my song." That comment still brings me to tears. Thank you Duncan!!! On bass we're featuring Paul Martinez (Chelle Murrey Band, Tiny Livestock, Common Thread). Paul has been "Uncle Paul" for Ian's entire life. Paul has been there and watched Ian grown up. He supported his entire journey, and was instrumental in getting Ian's first real electric guitar. Not only that, but Paul is a fantastic guitar and bass player. I should know that, since I've played on the same stage with him for 27 million years! It is also an honor to have him provide his talents to this track.

So, we hope you enjoy. Take a listen to Blackout on your favorite streaming site, or right here on the homepage player. Thanks for your support

- Brady Woodall

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